Gallery include black and white interior illustrations made for books and magazines.
Yellow Boots.jpg
The Home of the King.jpg
The book keepers.jpg
Expecting to fly.jpg
offspring 1.jpg
offspring 2.jpg
offspring 3.jpg
offspring 4.jpg
Nahiku West.jpg
Optimizing the Verified Good.jpg
The Sharklings of Anchor Valley.jpg
Hell Sat and Bantered.jpg
Journeyman Through Madness Gap.jpg
Angles of Incidence .jpg
Instinctive response.jpg
Seven Ways of Looking at the SunWorshippers.jpg
Night ride interior.jpg
Sleeping dogs.jpg
The Journeyman.jpg
The Curie Priest.jpg
Daughters of John Demetrius.jpg
Middle child syndrome.jpg
Rage master interior 2.jpg
rage master interior.jpg